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All the juicy bits are inside! A princess, Nightingale, is the first princess of record to lock herself away in a tower so that she can eat pizza rolls and play video games all day. Life is good until a sarcastic dragon shows up and tells her that she is supposed to get engaged by her eighteenth birthday. Tragic, right? Well, imagine how she feels.

So now men are coming from far and wide to ask for her hand, and probably a few other body parts, come to think of it.  She has no intentions of becoming the intended. Poor Nightingale, with the help of her new dragon friend, must thwart off the advances of thick-headed men who won’t take no for an answer.

Life would be so much easier if she wasn’t going to announce her acceptance of the title of princess at her birthday gala. Which she’s not. Because for Nightingale, being a princess is about as appealing as getting hitched to some dim-witted moron.

Can she figure this all out before her birthday? Only one way to find out. Click on one of the ‘cool’ buttons below and buy the book and witness this dumpster fire for yourself. Go ahead. I’ll be here when you get back.

The Self-Sufficient Princess book cover.
Sanguine Addams headshot.

About Sanguine Addams

Sanguine Addams spends her time chasing the seasons, though her favorite place to hang her hat is in Scotland. She loves to paint but, due to vision issues, she’s not sure if she is any good. Sanguine is very devoted to her charity work, helping children with varied abilities enjoy a Christmas train ride in the New York Metropolitan area. By the way, that picture isn’t the author. That’s a lovely woman with three beautiful children from Pennsylvania. She’s pretty cool, too.

Sanguine is often away on an adventure. She has been known to go whale-watching in Fort Wayne, Indiana and has been on safari on the 35th floor of the Chrysler Building. This doesn’t mean that she is out of touch. Need to talk? Want a signed copy of her book? Maybe a marzipan recipe? Contact her below and I promise she will respond with reckless aplomb.  Contact Sanguine Addams at


Kirkus Reviews

A novel that’s sure to be a hit…

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I had no reason to dislike this book, and because of this, I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars. I will recommend this book to adolescents who are fans of Disney movies or cartoons…

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Book Reviews

This book was fantastic! An easy read, keep my interest throughout and made me chuckle at times! Loved it!!

Great book for my teenage daughter to read and relate to. She couldn’t put it down. This book would translate perfectly to a great movie.

Mike Mc, via Amazon

A fun, humorous, and very relatable take on the journey every girl endures as she matures and tries desperately to find who she is and who she wants to be, and finding the courage to be that person even if it means deviating from society’s expectations. People come and go (and sometimes come back again), but those who matter stay and provide unwavering support…

Wendy Hagen, via Amazon

Laugh out loud funny….RUN to get a copy of this novel!

Lauren Sevier

This book is very cute and funny. I wish I had a book like this when I was a teenager, it would’ve helped me with being myself. Definitely something every youth should have.

Alicyn Foti, via Amazon

It was the title that drew me in – a YA novel that focused on _self_-sufficiency? Maybe it would be different than the rest. There have been other books that have emphasized a young woman’s independence, of course, but what I discovered in this book is that the story of this particular woman’s free-spirited nature was written with attention to detail, clarity of thought, and, especially, a LOT of humor along the way…

Sarah Franzel, via Amazon

The book was amazing! Life lessons that all teens should learn( and some adults reminded of) written in a way that was truly enjoyable. Many laughs throughout. When I was done reading I recommended to all my family and friends.

Amazon Customer, via Amazon

Our princess loves pizza rolls, first-person shooter games, and comfy clothes. She’s also not quite sure if she wants to be a princess.  I have a tendency to write short reviews for books I really enjoyed. The Self-Sufficient Princess is a book that you should dive into head-first without any expectations from reviews or summaries. The humor is unlike any other book I’ve read before, and I know that other women will find the princess’s “suitors” quite familiar.

Alex Piazza, via Amazon